The Evolution Of The Pigtail

Pigtails have become my go-to hair style lately; it's perfect for my transitioning length since my hair doesn't fit well into a ponytail yet. Ironically I was inspired to try the style out after a conversation with my sister when she remarked that she was "too old to wear [her] hair in pigtails now." I silently began to consider if I was also too old for the style, but then I recalled Brigitte Bardot, various Ye-Ye pop stars, and even the more current Alexa Chung all rocking the hair style with aplomb. Pigtails don't have to be tied to juvenile styles but in fact have many connotations and it's only our current culture that views them as something more suited for children. I don't see the point in being too confined to wear a hair style I find both fun and practical, so pigtails it is for me this summer--ideally I'll be back in braids some day...

Outfit details:
UO sunglasses
sandals c/o Modcloth (similar here)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. I think your hair looks adorable in pigtails! Especially because its short and an awesome colour, so you pull it off!

  2. yeah, I think your hair looks wonderful in pigtails! not everyone looks good in pigtails--but you do!

  3. i have been absolutely loving the pigtail on you! looks really good and perfect for all that bluey goodness. oooh, does this mean we will be seeing long, lush, teal hair in the future? :D

    this may sound weird but i've been waiting for you to wear that dress again. it's my favorite nadinoo design and my heart skips a beat every time i see it on someone. haha

  4. Pigtails are my go-to beach hairstyle -- and I agree it's perfect for a transitional length. When I was growing out my pixie I utilized that hairstyle a lot.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  5. The last picture is to die for! Love it. You look ravishingly adorable.

  6. I think the way your wear your pigtails makes them look mature in the best way possible. Your style is so classy that pigtails can fit in seamlessly.

  7. Hello.
    Your hair looks adorable like this. I wore pig tails when I grew my hair out in my early 30s, the only annoying thing about it was that some people, men, thought it was okay to pull them (maybe they bring out the boy in men?)


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