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My good friend and housemate recently celebrated her birthday with a Gatsby themed bash and before all the dancing, laughing, and general revelry (we even brought out some sparklers as the night wore on and there was couch dancing in the wee hours of the morning) Thomas helped me snap these pictures with some of the party decorations. It was a really fun night and I think the birthday girl had the most fun of anyone--which is exactly as it should be. These pictures also turned out quite lovely and I won't mind if the decorations hang around for a couple of weeks, they just make the house seem more festive. I tried to imitate some 1920s movie stars in my photographs--a bit over-the-top dramatics ala Clara Bow, but I mostly ended up looking ridiculous in those shots! Sadly I suppose I wouldn't have succeeded as a star in that era...
Side note: I bought these silver shoes for my sister's wedding a couple of summers ago. She was one of those nice, relaxed brides who merely requested all the bridesmaids wear silver or black shoes and let us pick the styles. I walked into one store, tried these on, and bought them without bothering to mess about looking for other pairs and I've only come to like them more with each passing year. They really are the perfect little silver heel for nearly every formal event I'm invited too--I've worn them to another wedding and more parties than I care to count. It's funny how some purchases end up being such wise decisions even when you don't spend a lot of time debating over them...

Outfit details:
crown headband
silver heels (similar here)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Oh a party like that sounds like marvelous fun- and your dress looks very flapper-esque~

  2. I love that party idea! And your pictures! Oh my. I absolutely love Gatsby. Have you seen the new Gatsby movie? It is quite marvelous, if you like rather tragic movies. And books as well, I suppose, for The Great Gatsby is a wonderful book.

  3. This look is gorgeous on you, and I'm loving the black and white photos!

    xox Sammi

  4. This look is so amazing, you look wonderful <3

  5. Such a fun theme! Especially love the last pic, so cute.

  6. Oh, I've always wanted to have a Jazz Age party. I love these photos -- you look like a 20's starlett for sure.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  7. Wow, those are really awesome photographs! And I think you picked a great 20s dress!

  8. I love that shot of you on the floor. You're a doll.

  9. I love the length of your hair these days! You look very pretty in these pictures xo

  10. so pretty and fun!



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