Cat Power

Just a simple outfit for getting back into the swing of things in Pennsylvania--always attracted to dresses that seem like they will match my hair now. This one fits the bill quite nicely and is simple enough for running errands and such. I'm still out of sync with my normal routine because almost immediately after I got back to the States, my boyfriend Thomas also made it back to my vicinity. Long story short: we met through friends in Lancaster but since he's from Northern Ireland he wasn't around for long before he had to go home. Anyway, he's back now and it's pretty wonderful to have him around again. I'm looking forward to showing him my favorite spots in the region and general hangout sessions. He was also kind enough to help me shoot these pictures; which is no small feat considering how bossy and stressed I can get when it comes to picture-taking time. However, he's a quick study with a prime lens and I'm learning to trust his eye.


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