Madewell Fall 2013

If history has proven anything then the Internet will soon be inundated with images from the Madewell Fall 2013 lookbook. However you still don't know "the girl who wears this collection," now do you? In my mind, she's that slightly obnoxious friend who is always talking about how chic French women are and don't forget she spent a semester in Paris once and still likes to slip random words or phrases into daily conversation. Everything about her always seems a little too "contrived" to you; she traded her stilettos for Isabel Marant knock-off wedge sneakers shortly after they began to regularly appear on Garance Dore--not that she openly follows street fashion blogs, of course. But she does host an amazing bread and wine party and she always lets you borrow her clothes, so you mostly overlook her more obnoxious habits and buy her tongue-in-cheek-eiffel-tower-themed presents every time it's her birthday.


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