Doodle Master

Still drawn (no pun intended) to the pattern on this dress that reminds me of doodles. Wearing it definitely gives me the itch to draw more, although lately I haven't had the downtime necessary. Aside from my attraction to the print this is a nice dress to throw on and go. Anyway, thank goodness it is Friday--I'm craving some weekend downtime, even just a more leisurely day to try new recipes in the kitchen or watch a movie. Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Outfit details:
dress c/o Modcloth (sold out, similar)
belt c/o Modcloth
Seychelles sandals
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Whoa, that last picture is rad! It's like I'm looking at you from beneath some mossy water. Too cool.

    This dress is really precious. Moreso, I love the location of your pictures. No weekend plans as of yet for me except for preparing for my trip back to college... dun dun dun~

  2. Ha! That does rather remind me of doodles too. How fun. Also- I love how well that color and your hair color match/compliment.

    Have a fun weekend. I suspect ours will turn out a bit busy-ish, but in a good way!

  3. The print on the dress is really cool - I love that it sort of matches your hair too. And I also love that obi style belt - I have a couple & love them!

  4. gorgeous scenery! and that denim jacket is awesome.


  5. Love the dress and those leather sandals! You are adorable :)

  6. I'm actually leaving for my first year of college (I'm going six hours away to Pittsburgh) on Monday so this weekend will be pretty hectic for me.

    Does Thomas have photography experience? His pictures are gorgeous.

  7. @Abby, oh I hope you have a good first year! College can be fun. Thomas makes documentary films, so he has experience behind a video camera--shooting portrait style is really throwing him off though. :)

  8. The dress / belt combo is fabulous. I (also) love that last shot, reminds me of a wood nymph in a fantasy novel.
    a geek tragedy

  9. love your shots - as usual. seeing all the gorgeous spots you find to shoot almost makes me regret living in super-urban nyc... almost.

  10. Rebecca,
    I have been following your blog for a few years - I haven't checked in for a few month though and just did so today - and wanted to say: you look lovely, grown up, your style is interesting, well put together, feminine, yet at the same time different. I would not have thought that blue hair could look so good, cute and polished. I keep coming back to your blog because it is one of the few fashion blogs that has some brains to it, that evolves, and thus stays interesting.

  11. that dress is adorable. i love your hair!
    ~niki <3


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