Hole In One

Thomas is a wee bit of a golf fiend so we're becoming experts on the various mini golf courses in my region. It started rather spontaneously after he convinced me to stop mid-errand run at one he spied by the road and quickly led to evening internet searches for the best course in town. The favorite so far is Village Greens; the Gold Course is 23 holes with enough difficulty to keep things interesting and the entire course is prettily landscaped in the woods. Despite the fact I lost by a wide margin, it kept us entertained for over an hour and even the summer heat was bearable beneath all the natural shade. My game is definitely approving, although I doubt I'll beat Thomas at a game even if he drags me to another half dozen courses (which could happen). I think the last time I played miniature golf before this summer was probably in high school. Fairly certain I lost then as well.

Outfit details:
vintage dress
*pictures by Thomas



  1. I love that this was the banner ad that showed up right above your top photo.


  2. This is such a perfect outfit for mini golfing! I believe that I haven't done that since I was a kid. Most of my friends are more interested in frisbee or other active things. Ugh, people!

  3. you are positively beaming in these photos! i love how happy and glowy you've been since thomas came to visit. (: and yes, this is a spectacular set! totally reminded me to visit a mini golf course, stat!

  4. I believe Thomas is having a great influence on you, and you do seem to be very happy. He's taking nice photos too.

  5. really awesome, it is truly hole in one, love the outfit and the shoes love the color and style so beautiful

  6. Aw, you always look so truly happy in your photos that Thomas takes! You are such a gorgeous girl, love that pop of color!

  7. What a cute spot, and such a pretty outfit to match!

  8. I've been craving a white dress for a while, yours is amazing. Pretty girl.

  9. My boyfriend loves miniature golf as well. I love the shot of your with the goose in the foreground!
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  10. That dress is ridiculously amazing. Where can I find something similar, Rebecca?!?!

  11. love that white dress! and the red accents are perfect. i love how the ball and pencil matched too!



  12. Great colors and shoot concept, cutie! Love it! <3

    Breigh @ MinxAsheville.com


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