Give Me The Soft, Soft Static

I couldn't resist bringing my new-to-me vintage camera out for this morning's photos even though it's more of a prop than anything--I thought the camera suited my ladylike and retro outfit. It's been awhile since I wore a longer skirt (they always make me feel short), but the light tulle layers of this one were too pretty to resist. The outfit was also a hit with my friends as I received several compliments when I wore it; I'm always surprised when my more "understated" outfits are more admired than some of the ones I put together and personally find rather striking. I do quite like this outfit though; the skirt feels elegant and the dress (which I'm wearing as a top) always has a romantic touch with its lace details. The perfect sort of outfit for playing with your vintage camera, browsing used book stores, and perhaps even baking some whoopie pies...

Outfit details:
slip dress (worn as top, similar here)
vintage belt
Seychelles heeled loafers
*pictures by Jon + me


MintJulep said...

Those shoes make the whole outfit - which is quite a great one on itself, but really, those shoes have me in pains of longing and lust over them, they're THAT gorgeous!

MsNotWeirdAtAll said...
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MsNotWeirdAtAll said...

This belt looks great...it goes so perfectly with this skirt It gives the hole look a little bit of tough vibe.


Purple Ivy said...

I know what you mean, maxis and midis can sometime make petite girls look short but this on is the perfect lenght and it suits you soo well. Browsing through your posts, I can see am gonna enjoy reading your posts and style. Folowing you and look forward to future posts.


Ashley said...

I am in actual love with your blue hair. It's so flattering on you! The length of the skirt is too ;)

xo Ashley

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

this look is gorgeous on you!


Ă€LAMODEST said...

I haven't been in here in a while, but wow your short blue hair looks so good on you!

I do wear knee length skirts a lot for faith reasons. No wonder people think I'm shorter than I actually am when they look at my photos. Oh well :-/

Your outfit looks very ladylike, and you look more approachable and less intimidating with that kind of outfit, for some reason!

ALAMODEST http://alamodest.com

MarieBayArea said...

I think that skirt hits you at the knees perfectly and the top of that slip dress is romantic looking.

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

That skirt! Im looooving it! Full, knee length skirts are my absolute favorite. You are so gorgeous!

Laura said...

your skirt is just so adorable! I really love the color and the shape is perfect!


ftashion said...

Gorgeous photos and I love your outfit! You lace slip just looks too precious!


Mani said...

This is such a gorgeous look! The lavender flowers in the background complement it perfectly.

Nikki Williams said...

love the chunky belt paired with this ensemble. so gorgeous!