Give Me The Soft, Soft Static

I couldn't resist bringing my new-to-me vintage camera out for this morning's photos even though it's more of a prop than anything--I thought the camera suited my ladylike and retro outfit. It's been awhile since I wore a longer skirt (they always make me feel short), but the light tulle layers of this one were too pretty to resist. The outfit was also a hit with my friends as I received several compliments when I wore it; I'm always surprised when my more "understated" outfits are more admired than some of the ones I put together and personally find rather striking. I do quite like this outfit though; the skirt feels elegant and the dress (which I'm wearing as a top) always has a romantic touch with its lace details. The perfect sort of outfit for playing with your vintage camera, browsing used book stores, and perhaps even baking some whoopie pies...

Outfit details:
slip dress (worn as top, similar here)
vintage belt
Seychelles heeled loafers
*pictures by Jon + me


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