Travel: Boat Tour of Breidafjordur Bay

On our third day we caught a little boat tour out of Stykkisholmur that took us around a couple of the more than 3,000 islands in Breidafjordur Bay. This area is known for the birds and we got to see several different types up close--the most memorable being the puffins. After seeing puffin memorabilia in nearly every gift shop we passed through it was nice to finally see the original in person. Part of the boat tour also entitled us to "Viking sushi" or a taste of the fresh seafood they pulled up right before our eyes.



  1. How have I never seen someone wear saddle shoes with colorful skinny jeans before? I mean, not even in a magazine or anything? It looks great on you! (Or maybe they're not technically saddle shoes, but they seem like them.) Very cute, original outfit. And I love your pictures! That little penguin-looking bird--is it a puffin??-- adorable!

  2. Omg that starfish lost an arm!


  3. these landscapes are beautiful and magical! lovely pics!

  4. omg the puffins are too darn cute! and yay for your second pair of jeans from the trip! haha. (: been really enjoying your iceland posts...

  5. What a beautiful place to be! Sounds like a fun boat trip. I am loving those blue pants.

  6. Boats are just so fun! And your hat is so cute :)

  7. So beautiful pictures! Your hat is totally awesome!


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