A Light Hand

Sometimes people are surprised that while I named my blog (and thus myself) "The Clothes Horse" I have no special affection for horses. The only time I ever rode one was at a fair when I was very little and while I went through a horse book phase and read Black Beauty more than eight times, my dog book phase was significantly longer. The term "clothes horse" has no relation to actual horses, but of course in choosing that name it would have been a safe assumption I liked both the wooden frame used to hang clothes on and the creature that shared the name. Still, in the daily reading and writing of my blog name I have grown attached to horse prints. As I've stated before, horse print clothing is my only current collection and sometimes it feels awfully slow-growing. This dress is a welcome addition to the collection and I had every intention of wearing it more this summer before I dyed my hair. Blue and orange are a bit clash-y for me, but I couldn't resist wearing it at least once more before it gets cold...

Outfit details:
Tumblr tote
Jeffrey Campbell loafers


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