Fit But You Know It

I've been coveting a varsity jacket for who-knows-how-long; my vintage varsity sweater filled the void for awhile (and for all I know a real live athlete boasted it once) but it is red and clashes with the blue hair so I haven't been able to wear it. Luckily, after the internet exploded with news of H&M's online shop and I was tempted into casually browsing and couldn't resist this jacket which was nearly everything I wanted. It would be cooler if the appliqué letter had some sort of significance like my initials or references to a past school I intended, but it has none so I'll just claim the "W" is for winner. I have been told that since I'm decidedly un-sporty, not just by inaction but also lack of enthusiasm for teams, means I shouldn't be allowed to own or wear it. So, I'm a rebel in my varsity jacket--eschewing the appreciation for sports typically associated with this style and ignoring friends who tease me for owning it. Yep, everyone likes a mental image of themselves as a rebel...


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