Spooky Nook

Occasionally I wear shorts; usually when I'm lounging around my house in the summer or the situation calls for it. Just because I don't often photograph myself in said shorts doesn't mean they don't exist. Anyway, mornings in an arcade are such an occasion that call for a more casual wardrobe and my closet definitely has the pieces. This arcade was so new and snazzy I probably could have dressed up more, although a mini skirt would have made straddling the motorcycle game more difficult. The Spooky Nook Sports Center was just built around the corner from my house (on a road of the same name that is decidedly spooky at night!). I didn't even realize it was being built, or finished, until my housemate informed me. Thomas wanted to visit a friend who worked there and I tagged along and talked him into playing around in the arcade with me for an hour. I lost every game except the giant wall-sized version of Connect Four, but a good time was had by all so there are no real complaints--except that perhaps the inability to "buy" candy with your hard-earned tickets. Candy is typical arcade prize fare, no? I miss that.


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