Starry Eyed

It was quite difficult to edit the pictures for this post...or rather by edit I mean exclude. I consider the selection and arrangement of photographs part of the editing process. For personal style photography you really don't need a dozen shots from the same angle, pretty portraits of your face, or really a dozen shots at all. However, occasionally shooting isn't just a quick "get it done" process but something more relaxed and creative. This was my first un-rushed shoot with Thomas and it was nice to just enjoy the sunset and let him play around with the camera. We went slow and were barely interrupted by pedestrians on this bridge. Thomas also did the post editing and initial selection so I was presented with more than a dozen lovely shots to choose from and arrange. I liked so many photographs I'm posting more than my usual number and not all are posed in my typical style of "here's the dress, here's the dress from the side and here's me walking away in the dress..." Normally I tend to balance my creative impulses with the more practical desire to give a decent showcase of an outfit; headshots can be pretty but how's that related to fashion and will they just lead to questions of "what does the back look like?" Anyway, that's a good bit of rambling and I think the outfit is fairly clear despite the progression of these photographs into night and creative impulses.

Outfit details:
sandals c/o Modcloth (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas


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