Cold Comfort

After a morning of thunderstorms heralding in dramatically cooler weather I didn't feel like getting out of bed let alone shedding my comfort clothes of a sweatshirt I got from Thomas and an old pair of pajamas shorts that were my sister's when she was in high school. Incredibly comfortable, personal stuff with wonderful memories attached to them, but not the sort of things I can leave the house in. So I had to find the next best thing in comfort clothes and this sweatshirt which I fell in love with bought last year with spiked shoulders fits the bill nicely. It is cozy on the inside while simultaneously encouraging people to keep a safe distance (hopefully). Whether spiked or fuzzy or frilly, clothes are a form of armor...

Outfit details:
ASOS sweatshirt (old)
H&M skirt (similar)
H&M tights


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