Out Of Body

In New York I got to have some out-of-body experiences. Not the alien abduction sort thankfully, but rather having a stranger give me a sweet smoky eye or being interviewed about by style by Erin for Modcloth. Wild stuff for a girl who usually only manages some simple eyeliner and rarely talks (aloud) about fashion or style. I can tell you quite a bit of my rambling was cut out of the video, which is decidedly a good thing. This was also my favorite outfit I wore last week--it's more dramatic than my usual style and added to my fun that day. I found the dress on a crazy sale for about 1/6th the original price and truly felt as if I was wearing some costume most of the day...but it was the costume of a character I'd admire so it was all in good fun. My current hair style is probably suited for these sort of outfits, but they're still a bit outside of my comfort zone for daily wear. I'm drawn to the dramatic, but usually shy away from it...

Outfit details:
Rodriguez dress
Toujours Toi & vintage rings
*pictures by Erin


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