Out Of Body

In New York I got to have some out-of-body experiences. Not the alien abduction sort thankfully, but rather having a stranger give me a sweet smoky eye or being interviewed about by style by Erin for Modcloth. Wild stuff for a girl who usually only manages some simple eyeliner and rarely talks (aloud) about fashion or style. I can tell you quite a bit of my rambling was cut out of the video, which is decidedly a good thing. This was also my favorite outfit I wore last week--it's more dramatic than my usual style and added to my fun that day. I found the dress on a crazy sale for about 1/6th the original price and truly felt as if I was wearing some costume most of the day...but it was the costume of a character I'd admire so it was all in good fun. My current hair style is probably suited for these sort of outfits, but they're still a bit outside of my comfort zone for daily wear. I'm drawn to the dramatic, but usually shy away from it...

Outfit details:
Rodriguez dress
Toujours Toi & vintage rings
*pictures by Erin



  1. love this look! your rock, lady!



  2. this dress is amazing!
    and your voice sounds so much different than I had imagined..you sound so american :P

  3. Great dress and it suits you perfectly :) Love seeing something different on you :)


  4. stunning dress!!


  5. I love actually hearing your voice! I always wonder what bloggers' voices really sound like. Speaking of Etsy sellers, isn't this a neat shop? I love their eyeball hats! http://www.etsy.com/shop/aneyeforeyes?ref=l2-shopheader-name

  6. i wasn't expecting such an articulate response! well said!

  7. "Romantic meets Realism." Perfectly said. Awesome interview! And that NR dress is gorgeous. Just the right note for NYFW.

  8. Rebecca, this is so exiting. i finally got to hear you and see you live, after following you for 2+ years (before you cut your hair)...i am going to have to show my husband this video too, because i occasionally make him look at your blog, too, and both of us really appreciate your style and your coyness and your thoughts...thanks soooo sooo much for sharing the fashion week with us

  9. @Anonymous, thank you for your sweet comment! I'm so flattered you enjoy my blog and liked the video too! I keep thinking I should have stood up straighter in it. ;) I always hope to make more videos one day, but it's hard to make them at a good quality. Anyway, your comment was wonderful encouragement and I really appreciate it so much. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. :)


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