Crowded Closets

Pretty soon I will be packing up my lightweight dresses and floral prints and hiding them in my basement to make room in my cramped closet for the sweaters and heavier dresses currently collecting dust in boxes down there. I often see beautifully organized and enormous closets all over the web and nary a similar one to my own--I hardly think this is because I'm the only girl living in an old house with a tiny closet space, but rather that people who share my situation also prefer not to document the state of their wardrobe. It's a mess, but a functional one. All of that is an aside from the point: balmy days like this won't be around much longer. Even if the heat lingers I'm itching to wear more fall colors and prints. Floral prints can get boring, but I really enjoy the interesting details Trollied Dolly adds to their dresses; like this geometric neckline. In a different pattern, I'd probably keep it out the basement a bit longer.


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