Cynthia Rowley Spring 2014

Cynthia Rowley made the decision in the past two seasons to forgo her traditional runway for a presentation. With the ability to choose fun locations and the slow leisurely view it provides guests (not to mention the party atmosphere aided by free drinks), it's definitely a popular choice for busy editors and lowly bloggers alike. Presentations are less popular for the models who must stand still for nearly an hour, and in the case of this presentation deal with rising temperatures that can (and do often) lead to fainting. Still, the lovely models at Cynthia Rowley held it together in the gothic surroundings of a former seminary (walking up the crowded steps felt like climbing into a temple of fashion) with pretty Veronica Lake-esque hair swept over one eye and bold red lipstick. The collection was utterly gorgeous while hosting a few too many influences to be succinctly described; there was a surfer inspiration evident in swimsuits and printed trousers, as well as almost Hawaiian-esque prints perfect for spring alongside more formal dresses in lace and satin, not to forget my favorite embroidered and appliquéd pieces in folk-inspired shapes. From the wrist cuffs to the wavy hair with glasses it's a collection I'll definitely be saving my pennies to invest in while stealing the styling ideas for free...
*all pictures by me


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