Day's End

My evenings have been tied up lately with one thing or another so I haven't shot during my favorite time of day in ages. I adjusted my sleep schedule for dawn shoots or snapped a few pictures in the middle of running errands and usually sighed a bit that I was missing the beautiful "golden hour" that used to be exclusively the time I would shoot during. However, the other day my evening was free and sped down to the river only to arrive a little too late. People were still launching there boats into the water, but the sun had dipped below the horizon and I was shooting long exposures in growing darkness. The mosquitoes were out in full force and I walked away with more than two dozen bug bites on my legs, but also these wonderfully grainy images and a compliment on my camera from a couple of girls out for an evening walk. Even though it ended up being darker than I had anticipated, it was lovely to just enjoy the fading day and watch houses light up on the opposite side of the river. To me it is the perfect way to end a day and I hope to have a few more evenings like this in the near future.

Outfit details:
Gryson trench coat


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