Pumpkin Spice

I was a picky eater when I was younger, or perhaps a picky-er eater than I am now since I still have my gastronomic quirks. But anyway, when I was little I didn't like anything pumpkin, not even sugar-loaded pumpkin pie. My taste buds were forced to expand when I spent a semester in Japan living with a host family. Politeness rather than personal preference dictated my diet--I basically ate everything my host mother put in front of me and said 'arigato.' So, I ate squid, raw eggs, vegetable curry, and one surprising day: grilled and tempura pumpkin. It was a revelation. Pumpkin became my favorite food and when I came back home I enthusiastically delved into America's more sweet pumpkin recipes--muffins, bread, pie, ice-cream--savory or sweet pumpkin remains one of my favorite flavors. I still have my pickiness though so I never caught the pumpkin spice latte craze (despite my misleading title, ha!) as I don't like any hot drinks or the slightest hint of a coffee flavor.
With my orange jeans I think you can see where all the food rambling was headed. A few years ago I passed on a similar pair of jeans from a limited edition collection because I often turn down jeans offers as I rarely wear pants. I never really regretted that decision, but for some reason when these popped up on the Modcloth front page I decided it was now time for some pumpkin colored pants. While jeans were my comfort zone when I was in high school I never felt very attractive in them, however my positive association with the color is definitely making me more inclined to wear these this fall. With these perfect brown flats and a couple of cute tops in my closet that will coordinate I could definitely see these jeans being in heavy rotation this fall.

Outfit details:
Modcloth sweater (old, similar)
Zara purse



  1. LOVE your sweater- so super adorable. I found a similar one in Japan and I didn't get it and it still haunts me...

  2. You look adorable with your new bangs.

  3. Hi, it's been a while since i don't read your blog and i'm surprised to see how your hair is grown! I really like the color and the haircut reminds me of Sailor Mercury, from the anime "Sailor Moon", which i love since i was a kid.


    I'll try to stop by more often again!

  4. You new hair cut is so lovely <3! you look so pretty in your selfie photo :) I don't have idea that you go for a semester to Japan woooow that is one of my dreams *o*!
    Pretty t-shirt n.n


  5. I love BaliElf and this outfit is ADORABLE! Love this whole shoot. And your hair really does look incredible <3 Alex


  6. Ey Rebecca, hoy can I get a host family like you to stay in Japan? I would like to do that once or more in my life. Thanks.

    PS: I realle looove how that colors suits you!

  7. @Pueblerina Rose, I don't know. I worked through my university and it was part of a study abroad. If you attend school discuss the options with your counselor/student advisor and see what they have in place. All host family programs I'm aware of are tied to education, so typically it would be through a study program to improve your Japanese language skills.

  8. its funny you talk about japan in this post because before i read it i thought you looked like a anime character with your hair and sailor moon style shirt.

  9. Thanks so much! I´ll figure it out ;)

  10. I did the same thing in Korea regarding food. If my director offered me food -- I ate it out of politeness. Hello raw octopus! I love this outfit and your hair looks so different now, I like it! What a change a few weeks can make.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  11. Pumpkin tempura? That sounds delicious. What a fun color for pants too. This outfit is adorable and you look like you could be a character from a story book with your awesome hair :)

  12. I love that pumpkin color- I was just wearing it today!


  13. rebecca, seriously, could you get any cuter?? your hair, those jeans, that adorable sailor top, all your precious little poses... i'm dying. haha. this has got to be one of my favorite posts from you, ever -- which is saying a lot, since there are so many spectacular ones.

    also, it's always interesting finding out these little tidbits about you, especially that bit about hot drinks and coffee! question about your stay in japan: did you ever try natto? (:

  14. those skinnies are just perfect! and i always love your little stories



  15. @bestie, yeah the hot drinks thing is my main weirdness, altho I have met other people who also only like cold drinks. :)
    I never did try natto--my host mother didn't offer it and I wasn't tempted in restaurants. :)

  16. I'm not sure if anyone has told you this yet, but ESPECIALLY in that top, you look so much like Sailor Mercury from the Japanese anime Sailor Moon. :)

    I did spend some time in Japan as well and lived with a host family. I am really in love with their culture. The experience changed me, and I cannot wait to go back again.

    I've also just in the past several years liked pumpkin. I did not grow up with pumpkins, so it was naturally not something I'd like. I love pumpkin now.

    Take care!
    Rachel from


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