The Horizon Leans Forward

I'm a little too overwhelmed with everything I need to accomplish this weekend to get excited about the fact that it is Friday. My friends however are trying to convince me to go with them to a Celtic festival this weekend and there's a birthday party in the evening that I would be remiss to skip, so I suppose it's just time to roll my sleeves up and get the necessary finished so that the social won't be neglected. Typically, I'm one of those people that would rather sit home alone watching Netflix after a busy day than hang out with friends, but since I'm not certain that is the most positive way to live I'm working on fighting my instincts. On the bright side, the weather is beautiful and less hectic days are on the horizon.



  1. Netflix all the way! I have a lovely long list of documentaries to watch--what do I want with--*shudder*--social interaction? Seriously, though, being with people is tiring and I don't always want to spend my energy that way.

    Love your heels!

  2. I have been following your blog for a while now and I have a hunch you might be an INFJ, maybe an INFP... am I right?

  3. Graceful :)

  4. silly question:
    Do you ever have problems getting a belt to stay put when it's over a skirt with no loops?

  5. @Kristine, only if it's not a tight belt--I just put the belt on the tightest setting & that usually holds things rather secure.

  6. love this outfit! perfect for a warm fall day.


  7. love the blouse! I really like items that seem classic and unassuming at a glance but have great unique details or hues you don't usually see upon closer inspection.

  8. SO MUCH LOVE for this outfit. Something about the down-to-earth atmosphere of these colours and fabrics is working really well. I mean... can I just steal this for myself, please? :P

  9. I can see why the social obligations seem a little daunting (totally the kind that likes a night in) but they sound rewarding in their own way too.

    I love this timeless look. Plus- it goes so well with the bangs too.

  10. Such a cool outfit. The blouse is stunning. I was tickled to see this as I wore a very similar outfit today. #styletwins (for today at least).


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