Prada Spring 2014

For once here's a collection that I'm not personally coveting; I don't really want to wear my bra outside of my sweater and while the bedazzled leg warmers and coats have intriguing elements it's all a bit "too much" for me. However, the message behind the clothes makes Prada one of most noteworthy collections to pay attention to this season. Miuccia Prada made a feminist statement with her clothes. I can't think of similar embrace of feminism in mainstream culture or the arts scene since the Riot Grrrls of the 90s and Miuccia touched on that creating her own interpretation of girl gangs in the models. The designer stated she wanted to "inspire women to struggle" and it was evident in power-ready clothes half featuring faces that looked like bejeweled political posters. And while it might not be my aesthetic cup of tea, it's a collection no one should be ignoring.


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