The Wheel Is Come Full Circle

Back in high school I hosted a sleepover birthday party for a friend and one of the guests brought a blue wig I immediately donned with great enthusiasm. In retrospect a blue wig seems like something odd to bring to a slumber party, but I don't recall thinking it was strange at the time. That night I was pretty excited to see what I looked like with a blue bob which yes, was strikingly similar to my hair now. In fact, when I first trimmed my hair into a bob-style cut I texted Thomas that the next time he saw me my hair would look like a wig, thankfully he didn't actually think it did. I can still see that old wig when I look in the mirror though; I wore it most of that night until it got too itchy and I suppose the desire for a more permanent version never really died. Of course, now with blue hair most of the time I forget it's an odd color or convince myself it looks black in a shadowy room. Not really sure what got me on the wig ramble today, maybe just the interesting idea about how things come full circle...



  1. I love the print on that dress! And you're making me want to go on a hike.

  2. Your hair really does look great--I think it's cool that you wore that wig before!

  3. Your hair is amazing.
    So are you.
    I love the.. poses? you do in your photographss~

  4. @Vuneu, aw thanks :) I try to keep things rather simple and natural, not very model-y!

  5. I have totally been dreaming of the same wig...
    awesome dress!

  6. Charming blue wig story. The dress and its print are lovely on you. I have that same Asos jacket.

  7. i love that bag!


  8. Your new hairstyle is absolutely AMAZING, you're beautiful !!!

  9. In all my years of reading your blog, I never commented. I have always thought you looked great and had a lovely style. But wowsers. You look incredible in these photos.

  10. Carol@women's fashion tops onlineSeptember 30, 2013 at 2:13 AM

    Your hair looks like natural not a wig, it's beautiful and your dress also looking nice.

  11. Love the bangs! i love wig hair cuts too. something about them...

  12. well to be honest, i think this cut makes u look better! its a better transitioning cut from the past few months. you look so chic now, and the blue-ness is perfect for this particular style


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