Dundrum Castle

As an American tourist in Northern Ireland at the top of my list of places to visit (predictably), was a castle. We just don't have that kind of grandeur back in the States, even the ruins of a castle hold appeal to someone who is impressed if they come across a building from the 1800s let alone the 13th century. So, one of our first day trips was a drive down to Dundrum Castle; the earliest reference of said castle was in 1205 when there was an unsuccessful siege. It definitely has all the classic trappings you imagine when you picture a castle in your head--situated high on a hill, circular tower, and narrow arrowslits you can nearly envision archers shooting through. Of course, I'm not a history buff to spend hours researching a place or even memorizing the facts posted on plaques on site, rather the rare (for me) feel and aesthetics are what fascinate. It's very fun to stomp up ancient steps or weave in and out of the ruins admiring the lichen-touched stonework and there's a gorgeous view when you climb to the top.

Outfit details:
Zara coat (similar)
Seychelles oxfords (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. It looks like you stepped into a fairytale! Gorgeous.

  2. How fun! The velvet dress was a great one to wear for this shoot too. I've always been fascinated by medieval history so castles are def. on my visit one day list. Alex


  3. Favorited your first pics.


  4. Thanks for the lovely photos! Getting to see a castle in person is surely a fantastic experience. I hope to someday as well. :) what are some of the cultural differences that are more obvious when you go to visit Ireland?

  5. Amazing views from the Dundrum castle. When I travel I like to read some historical and architectural details (not a lot just enough to understand its importance), but once I am back here what it usually persists in my memory is the feeling and aesthetic not the names and dates ;P The red velvet dress is perfect!

  6. I love your outfit choice, red velvet and a quartz crystal necklace is oh so medieval!! I love visiting historical spots, especially when they are in the countryside like this rather than in a really built up area - somehow it feels kind of magical. You definitely managed to capture that magic in these photographs


  7. how pretty! i love that dress on you



  8. I always believe that you look most beautiful when Thomas is the one taking your pictures and his photographs are amazing!


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