Life On Mars

With my love for everything celestial related I'm quite a fan of this dress, but I especially appreciate how the pattern almost looks like a sweet liberty print from further away. Nina of Family Affairs designed the print herself; she's been creating a number of wonderful novelty prints in recent seasons from rotary telephones to pastel crystals; all of which she draws herself. There's also this nice mix of modern and classic to the dress--the shape and the delicate lace trimmings on the sleeves calls back to a bygone era while the pattern it features is such a modern seeming one. A beautiful mashup of past meets present.
When I think about my enjoyment of space prints, or even very literally the night sky it goes back to the Astronomy class I took as a senior in high school. It was the first time I enjoyed science class and eagerly memorized facts from my textbook instead of seeing the homework as a chore. But aside from my enjoyment of the class, I think part of the reason the stars and sky remain one of my favorite things is that the class coincided with a very happy period in my life. Prior to senior year high school was an incredibly low point and I basically loathed most aspects of my daily life. When my family moved to Hawaii everything pretty much changed for the better. Now when I look at star prints and collect reproductions of the night sky or casually browse an article on NASA I think subconsciously I'm connecting back to that positive period of change. These star print dresses and constellation jewelry pieces are not so much about remembering the night my class took a field trip to an old air field and looked through telescopes pointed towards Cygnus, it's about remembering how good I felt then. And I wonder how many other random prints or colors I adore because of some subconscious association that happened too long ago for me to pinpoint.

Outfit details:
H&M jacket (old)
ASOS socks (old)
Zara purse


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