Life On Mars

With my love for everything celestial related I'm quite a fan of this dress, but I especially appreciate how the pattern almost looks like a sweet liberty print from further away. Nina of Family Affairs designed the print herself; she's been creating a number of wonderful novelty prints in recent seasons from rotary telephones to pastel crystals; all of which she draws herself. There's also this nice mix of modern and classic to the dress--the shape and the delicate lace trimmings on the sleeves calls back to a bygone era while the pattern it features is such a modern seeming one. A beautiful mashup of past meets present.
When I think about my enjoyment of space prints, or even very literally the night sky it goes back to the Astronomy class I took as a senior in high school. It was the first time I enjoyed science class and eagerly memorized facts from my textbook instead of seeing the homework as a chore. But aside from my enjoyment of the class, I think part of the reason the stars and sky remain one of my favorite things is that the class coincided with a very happy period in my life. Prior to senior year high school was an incredibly low point and I basically loathed most aspects of my daily life. When my family moved to Hawaii everything pretty much changed for the better. Now when I look at star prints and collect reproductions of the night sky or casually browse an article on NASA I think subconsciously I'm connecting back to that positive period of change. These star print dresses and constellation jewelry pieces are not so much about remembering the night my class took a field trip to an old air field and looked through telescopes pointed towards Cygnus, it's about remembering how good I felt then. And I wonder how many other random prints or colors I adore because of some subconscious association that happened too long ago for me to pinpoint.

Outfit details:
H&M jacket (old)
ASOS socks (old)
Zara purse



  1. that dress is so pretty! and i love the knee highs


  2. A perfect fall outfit! The socks are my favorite part.

  3. those cartoony shooting stars are the cutest

  4. That really is a darling print. It reminds me of old-timey arcade games. . .

    It's funny how associations work, and the power of nostalgia. There are definitely things I like because of the memories or emotions that they evoke. I bet I'll be pondering that all day. . . I really like how thoughtful your posts tend to be.

  5. I have a soft spot for celestial prints as well! They remind me of watching Cosmos with Carl Sagan, which is such a mellow show.

  6. You went back to red! it's perfectly matching your new bob haircut. Loving it! The outfit, just perfect as usual.
    High school was a bad time for many people, but there's always something to put our passion on and survive.

  7. adorable lady!! For a lover of space, I highly recommend you see Gravity. Blew my mind, and I think you would love it!

  8. Hi,
    i just discovered your blog. I like it a lot ! I'll come back here ;)

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  10. The colours go so perfectly with your new hair :) Maybe it will sound silly, but a little touch of burgundy is my favourite part of the outfit :)

  11. Have you ever heard of the game "To the Moon" by Freebird Games?
    This entire post reminded me of it. It's brilliant and poignant - I just think you would love it. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days afterward. The music is stunning and...well, it's hard to describe without giving it away. But I'd highly recommend it!

  12. It is indeed a beautiful print. It is lovely that it evokes such strong memories in you. I love all kinds of space prints myself, it is just incredible how much world there is out there and how beautiful it all is. Also, you changed your hair! Wow. It looks awesome. :)


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