In Time

Many of my favorite style inspiration films aren't necessarily films I recommend for general viewing. Take the perennial favorite of To Steal A Million, stunning mod wardrobe but it's never going to be claimed as one of Audrey Hepburn's greatest works. Lately my inspiration is coming from a science fiction film that will never be listed in the top 100 scifis, but has stunning costume design. The movie: In Time. Let's be honest: Justin Timberlake's character Will Salas lacks nuance, much of the amazing cast is wasted, and the language is stilted. There's also just irrational decision-making by the characters that boggle the mind--if you're broke why would you continue to pay for coffee at a shop even when the price increases? And despite our inter-connectedness of today with cellphones and computers, it seems in the future only the wealthy have phones and they are mostly rotary. Strange. Still there's a touch of classic in this futuristic drama that still draws you in; most heavily referenced is Bonnie and Clyde in both style and theme.
All of that rambling is beside the point because it is Amanda Seyfried's blunt red bob and velvet peter pan collar dress that make me watch and re-watch this movie. Perhaps the only wardrobe aspect I don't envy is the amount of running (and jumping) Seyfried was expected to do in six inch heels--I'm always impressed by ladies who manage to maintain impeccable hair and makeup while on the run. Still the retro-futurism looks designed by Colleen Atwood are incredibly covetable. Some films are pure eyecandy (Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, etc) and some feature a very specific stylish mix that appeals to you on a very personal level. Every time I watch the film I like the story a little less, but the wardrobe? My passion for that is still going strong.


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