There's a point at the end of summer when I start to wish I could throw on a pair of tights and maybe a jacket and get that longing for fall feeling. Then fall actually does arrive and despite lovely leaves, decorative pumpkins in every store window, and delicious food my infatuation is short-lived. The days get shorter, the pile of blankets on your bed gets thicker, and before you step foot outside your door you have to analyze the suitability for your clothes and the weather you're about to encounter. A simple pair of tights and light jacket days seem to last less than a week before it's three pairs of tights and matching knee socks in hopes of keeping your toes warm while still wearing your now-impractical dress and a fluffy scarf big enough to bury your face in when the wind picks up. As a minimalist I don't really enjoy dressing in this season of layers upon layers upon layers; clothes start to feel restrictive and coordination gets complicated. The upside is evenings inside by a fire with a book and fall always does bring out my more hermit-like tendencies making not want to venture out of my bedroom let alone my house. Still, the weather has been nice most days here and I'm only in Ireland for a limited amount of time so it is up and out in the morning...

Outfit details:
Seams to Be scarf
*pictures by Thomas


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