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Step one to wearing your summer and sleeveless dresses in more seasons: a simple blouse. In addition, to making your dresses wearable in more seasons and offering a slightly different look, under a dress is the easiest way to get use out of a sheer blouse. I'm not entirely certain why so many blouses are made sheer these days but I often only get an opportunity to wear them when they're layered beneath other things. And while I'm fond of the embellished collar trend going around where you can add a collar to an outfit as if it was a necklace that detail won't do anything to keep you warm when the temperatures drop.
A good neutral blouse can go with nearly anything in your wardrobe and you don't have to stick to a basic palette of black or white. I'm partial towards a peach-toned one nearly the same color as my skin, but I also got a lot of wear out of an army green blouse from ASOS last winter. Even my brighter blouses like the one below by Family Affairs get worn quite often, although I find the brighter shade better suited for warmer months. Anyway, if you're looking for some a trick to extending the wear of your summer dresses and are bored of cardigans, think about investing in a long-sleeve blouse for a little bit of extra coverage.

Previous outfit posts: onetwothree, and four.


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