Clare Glen

After numerous declarations of love for Herschel Supply Co lookbooks I bought myself a backpack from them many, many months ago. Of course, as these photographs attest the backpack while quite perfect-looking was better suited for someone with a less child-like stature. I hung on to it because I still really liked the backpack and brought it with me to Northern Ireland to pass it on to Thomas who luckily, it suits much better. I did get some use out of it in the end, but I'll definitely pay closer attention to the dimensions listed before I purchase my next backpack online. Still, this was one of my more practical looks for exploring Northern Ireland and the boots came in handy when we left the path to climb on the rocks by the water. The little waterfall was a lovely surprise; you couldn't see it as you walked through the woods along the river and then you turn a corner and there it was surrounded by autumn foliage. Just lovely.

Outfit details:
suede skirt (similar)
vintage boots
*pictures by Thomas


Michael said...

Oh, man, that sweater is just elegant. Perfect ensemble; I love how it melds with the skirt. Beautiful scenery, too!

Nikki Williams said...

those boots are so fun!



colormebrazen said...

I am so very jealous - I have always wanted to see Ireland! Loving your trip photos.

MJ Wonderlander said...

super cute as usual!

Leslie: DowntownHaute said...

Those boots are awesome! Love them!


Rebecca Jane said...

An incredibly lovely setting, and I love the cozy sweater! Perfect for cool fall days.

Sonya Mann said...

That sweater looks soooo cozy! And I love that the shoes and backpack match, or at least almost match. That kind of color-coordinated touch is so charming.

Vicki said...

These photos are so lovely. Your outfit looks so cozy, and I love that backpack!

decked out in ruffles

Mani said...

Those boots are such an amazing colour! Love how the match perfectly with your backpack.

abbycake said...

I've never been to Northern Ireland, but I recall all the beautiful scenery in Ireland and this reminds me quite a bit of that. Also, being of short stature myself, I've bought a few mis-sized messenger bags and backpacks.
xx Abby | a geek tragedy