Emotional Luggage

We've come to the point where living out of a suitcase becomes obvious--a dress I wore a couple of days ago, boots from yesterday, and a sweater I'm likely wearing at the moment (so cozy). There's only so much you can pack without going over the weight or size limit dictated by the airlines and I hardly like tackling a suitcase that I can't lift on my own anyway which limits things further. Despite frequent moves and studying abroad and the odd road trip and basically living out of a suitcase for varying periods of time I still don't feel like an expert packer. I know how to maximize space and protect jewelry (try storing delicate items inside your shoes), but there's still that last minute panic of "this one or this one," "do I have enough of ____?", and so on. One tip I do advise: pack accessories. The same dress multiple days in a week can feel so different with a statement necklace or quirky headband--you also look less like a tourist or visitor when your outfit feels thought-out rather than the result of a lack of options. A packed some of my favorites--a autumnal handband, gold leaf barrette, stacking rings--and a few new pieces like this necklace and earrings from twenty5octobers. Just like dresses make me feel more comfortable than jeans, adding a few small accessories makes me feel more "complete" when traveling.

Outfit details:
Samantha Pleet dress
vintage boots
*pictures by Thomas


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