Emotional Luggage

We've come to the point where living out of a suitcase becomes obvious--a dress I wore a couple of days ago, boots from yesterday, and a sweater I'm likely wearing at the moment (so cozy). There's only so much you can pack without going over the weight or size limit dictated by the airlines and I hardly like tackling a suitcase that I can't lift on my own anyway which limits things further. Despite frequent moves and studying abroad and the odd road trip and basically living out of a suitcase for varying periods of time I still don't feel like an expert packer. I know how to maximize space and protect jewelry (try storing delicate items inside your shoes), but there's still that last minute panic of "this one or this one," "do I have enough of ____?", and so on. One tip I do advise: pack accessories. The same dress multiple days in a week can feel so different with a statement necklace or quirky headband--you also look less like a tourist or visitor when your outfit feels thought-out rather than the result of a lack of options. A packed some of my favorites--a autumnal handband, gold leaf barrette, stacking rings--and a few new pieces like this necklace and earrings from twenty5octobers. Just like dresses make me feel more comfortable than jeans, adding a few small accessories makes me feel more "complete" when traveling.

Outfit details:
Samantha Pleet dress
vintage boots
*pictures by Thomas



  1. I absolutely *adore* our skirt!! Beautiful scenery, too!! :)

  2. you are beautiful!

  3. As a regular hand luggage traveller from England to Northern Ireland I really just 'get' this post! I can't afford to have luggage in the hold which is greatly limiting but as you said accessories can make all the difference, I usually only take one bag and one pair of shoes (usually boots because as you can tell Northern Irish weather is annoyingly unpredictable! I find trying to fit enough underwear in can be a nightmare! (girls, don't stack underwired bras unless you want an embarrassing time at security trying to explain that you don't have a concealed curved knife!). I dislike living out a suitcase for a few weeks but I think it also makes you try and be more creative with the clothes you have - which is always a plus. :)

  4. These pictures are so pretty, I love that skirt and girlie.. you are one gorgeous gal!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  5. That little necklace is darling! And the knit pattern of the sweater is so aesthetically appealing. Good to hear that it's cozy as well :) The accessories tip for packing is a good one.

  6. I always appreciate packing posts. Even if I haven't planned a travel they always make me feel a bit adventurous haha :)
    The only thing I do and it seems to be working is that I visualise the outfits I will wear and I pack mostly pants as it is so easy to make a different outfit with just a different shirt!


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