Dark Arches

We started this day on the North Coast intending to see the infamous Giant's Causeway but terrible weather in the form of strong winds and rain drove us inland where the wind was slightly calmer and the rain had temporarily ceased. Our second choice area to explore was Dark Hedges; a two century old avenue of beech trees. A beautiful spot supposedly haunted by a Grey Lady and perhaps more recognizable in recent years for the spot where a Game of Thrones scene was shot. I, being HBO-less, have never seen Game of Thrones although I did read several of the books when I was in college. Recent history aside it was still a lovely place to stop and recover some optimism for the otherwise rained-out day.

Outfit details:
Seams to Be scarf
Zara coat (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. I love your shoes!
    Super cute!


  2. I love the scarf in this photo as well as the entire outfit! It is such cozy look for fall and winter! I just entered a contest for a chance to win up to 500 dollars from Alloy Apparel to crash my closet with a whole new wardrobe! Check it out!

  3. Your dress , Your scarf,Your shoes...
    It's beautiful and a forest is in Pennsylvania ?

  4. Wow! The setting is lovely and, frankly, a bit mystical - which oddly suits your clothes, which are a little theatrical in itself. Thomas is very good at picturing the light and your lovely silhouette - and the silhouette of the outfit, of course - in these frames. Good job, Thomas!

  5. Cute coat :) love the strap on the waist area because it makes it interesting :)


  6. Wow you are discovering for me Northern Ireland! Unfortunately I wasn't aware of how many beautiful places it had :) now I have added it to my travels wishlist. Love Thomas pics, very talented!

  7. You look so lovely! Teal still suits you even though it doesn't match your hair any more :)

  8. wow that dress is so pretty! and the forest background looks so magical


  9. i want that scarf! and your hair is stunning



  10. Wow, those trees are gorgeous!
    With each of your posts from Ireland you make me consider watching Game of Thrones even more...

    Hailey from http://squidsquads.blogspot.com

  11. What a stunning location! Great outfit, too, Rebecca. I love the colours :)

  12. beautiful scenery. these shots look like they were taken straight from a storybook! <3 lovely outfit by the way.

    as a follower from probably the 2nd year of your blog, i love seeing your style evolve over the years! despite the numerous fashion blogs out there in the interweb, your site remains unique & individualistic.

    keep writing & posting :)


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