Feral Sweater Children

There are two stylistic directions people go in autumn: feral-sweater-children-I'm-wearing-more-layers-than-an-onion and bring-on-the-holiday-parties-this-instant-I-belong-in-a-classic-Hollywood-movie-about-the-season-and-my-quirky-life. Like introversion and extroversion those are just extreme ends of the spectrum and people usually fall somewhere in the middle or alternate between the two. If I'm not seeing anyone other than my housemates then I'm much more feral-sweater-child inclined; this involves wearing your most oversized sweater, mismatched socks, and at least three other pieces of knitwear that have no coordination with each other but keep you warm. But I'm usually at the other end of the spectrum; the necessary layers become an excuse to wear my most formal dress while running errands and excessive accessorizing somehow seems more socially acceptable. People are wearing enormous scarves wrapped around their necks, so a statement necklace no longer seems so dramatic. Women have on boots up to their calves, so loafer heels with gold tassels seem barely attention-seeking. So, you  can wear your brocade party dress over a blouse and under a coat as sashay down the street as if your life was a romantic comedy filled with Christmas songs and copious amounts of eggnog without feeling the least bit out of place...
P.S. If you like my necklace, check back this afternoon because I've partnered with Lily Rain to give away one!


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