I put this outfit together whilst imagining myself as a Wes Anderson character, because life would be infinitely more interesting if I lived on some small island with a personal lighthouse, the world was entirely cast in the sorbet colors, and my family was more eccentric than it already is. Pretending I'm a character in a highly entertaining movie is one of the only ways I could get myself to wear this vintage coat I've had for years--it's just so bright. I like it, but I don't like the way I feel so visible in it. However, this time I decided to go all out; a pink dress and some matchy-matchy accessories like an old woman--I even matched my Polaroid inspired necklace to my actual Polaroid camera. I don't dress like a character from a movie every day, but every once in awhile it's fun to play the eccentric.

Outfit details:
vintage coat
Jeffrey Campbell heels (similar)
Zara purse (similar)



  1. A big Wes Anderson fan so loved your in-character outfit take:)!

  2. Amazing shoot and lovely outfit! Great job playing a Wes Anderson character.

  3. You look so cute and funny with your hair done like that!

  4. So lovely! I just adore your blog, so inspiring! Keep up the good work =)

  5. This is probably one of my favorite outfits you've showed on the blog (and I've been a reader for years!). The pictures are lovely. You are beautiful. Wonderful all around :)

  6. I think this whole outfit is very inspiring! I find red, pink and orange colors so hard to wear, but maybe I'll give it a shot. Your hair and your smile looks great too, by the way. :)

  7. I really appreciate how much effort you put into researching fashion and letting culture and art inform your outfits. This is one of my favorite things you've posted.

  8. that coat is just amazing!! so in love with the color


  9. So pretty! Orange is SUCH a hard color for me to pull off but it looks wonderful on you with your hair and skin tone! Matchy grandma is my specialty, even when I try to resist and go for more simple looks. Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  10. These photos are so lovely...and I love your outfit--just like something out of Moonrise Kingdom.(:

    decked out in ruffles


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