Sunday Remix

I wore this sweater earlier this week and it's definitely a new favorite in my closet. The color and pattern is so basic it can work in almost any combination, but quirky enough to keep it from being boring. I have a dozen ideas in my head for how to wear it and wanted to do a quick remix--miserable weather kept me indoors shooting in the cleanest corner of my room (my bed). These are just a few ways I would style it (the first being a repeat of how I already wore it!); the possibilities are nearly endless.



  1. I have a sweater that is really similar that I found at Marshall's about two months ago, that is also really versatile.

  2. love that big white scarf!


  3. This is a cute remix, and I loooooove the dresses on your wall! You've mentioned displaying your red dresses before, but it's more beautiful than I imagined :)

  4. I love how something so basic can end up being so awesome! I love how you've styled it.


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