Pick Of The Crop

It's quite strange how brands are trying to carry the cropped mania from spring and summer into fall and winter. So cropped sweaters are a huge thing now, a way to say with your clothes "I'm chilly enough for a cozy knit but my abdomen could use a nice breeze." It's a confused garment similar to boots with cutouts or peep toes and sleeveless coats. However, this is one trend I quite enjoy as a petite lady. Average sized crop tops hit me right at the smallest point of my waist, which is also where most of my skirts start or my dresses flare. So cropped sweaters work much better on my body than normal sized ones; these are a breeze to tuck in or layer on top of dresses. I've already thrown this one on numerous times while I've been in Northern Ireland and in need of an extra layer and I'm certain it will be a favorite this winter even when I'm not living out of a suitcase. I definitely need to buy a few more of these sweaters before this trend ends and I'm back to shopping from the children's section (which often leads to cropped sleeves as well as a cropped torso...).


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