Sunday Remix

Previous outfit posts (in chronological order): one, two, three, and four.
I've remixed this dress before, but you have to love a dress you wear through long, short, shorter, and blue hair. No matter what season or what my hair is doing red remains my favorite color to wear. This dress is obviously quite old but holding up well; when it's not on my body I have it hanging on my wall as decoration along with a number of other red dresses that add some color to my boring white walls. As for hair goals, I think I'm at the beginning of growing it out back towards where I started in picture one, but I will have the bob for awhile as it slowly gets some length to it...



  1. I love your remix posts, your clothes are super versatile.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that dress, especially in the first pic! Those kinds of dresses are my favourite. So pretty!

    Happy Sunday
    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  3. I just posted about my own hair goals today. I am torn between growing it back out (like picture one) or chopping it all off again (like picture 3). We shall see. Either way, I love the dress. :)
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  4. that red dress is so beautiful!


  5. Ah, isn't the growing out process just painful.
    I don't know about you, but I bleached my hair at around the same length you were when you went blue, and the damage (and the need to cut the damage) is making a slow process even slower!
    Beautiful red dress.

  6. oh I love it! such great ways to style a red dress. you are adorable!!


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