The Stones Flow Also

So, I'm back in Pennsylvania exploring my usual haunts and getting back into the swing of things. It was much cooler in Northern Ireland than Pennsylvania when I left; the difference was actually a bit jarring to my system, but now the two regions are about the same so while I'm still adjusting to a five hour time difference I'm not shivering every time I step outside, although it did nearly snow yesterday... Luckily, we didn't get any flurries in our area and many trees are still in full color; the changing leaves are my favorite feature of the season. Leaves and nature are the main subject of this book I'm reading; Andy Goldsworthy's WALL. Andy Goldsworthy specializes in artwork as ephemeral as the changing seasons--he works in fallen leaves, sticks and spider webs, and builds sculptures at the edge of the sea he knows will be destroyed by the tide. His wall at Storm King Art Center will last longer, but the design serpentines the stone wall between trees that will grow and as they expand they will ultimately destroy his work. Perhaps that is part of the goal; that value is not only given to what persists but should also be found in the temporary.

Outfit details:
Zara coat
old dress (similar)
Seychelles booties (old, similar)


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