Color Block

This jacket reminds me of outfits I would wear in kindergarten, or rather outfits I vaguely recall and supplement my memory with photographs from kindergarten. Which brings to mind the oddness of memory--how our brains are constantly re-writing our history and sometimes the things we remembered are more built from photographs and videos we've seen rather than actual memories. It's strange, but back on the subject of this coat--the bright myriad of colors is similar too a multi-colored snowsuit I had when I was little, and probably other outfits since children tend to wear all the colors. I don't remember wearing the snowsuit really, I wonder if that ridiculous, puffy one piece was difficult to walk in the way you see Ralphie's little brother in A Christmas Story struggle, but there are pictures with a pink-nosed me looking a little cold to remind me that I did indeed wear it. This jacket is definitely comfortable to wear, cozy although not warm enough for truly chilly days--even as the sun got lower in the sky I needed more layers on this day and I wouldn't be seen wearing it without a heavier coat on top today! I have my fingers crossed for a few more mild days like this.


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