Saint Laurent Fall 2013

I feel that in a few years the missing "Yves" in Saint Laurent will be similar to the loss of Pluto from the planet list--younger individuals won't understand our attachment to things that are no longer factually accurate. Yes, Pluto is not a planet, but it's what I was taught when I was younger. Yves is no longer with Saint Laurent in body or name, but he was there when I first became aware of the line. All this rambling to saying I'd like one of those "Aint Laurent without Yves" tee shirts and the grunge styles from Fall 2013 (shown all the way back in February) are a nice inspiration point for the current season. Instead of focusing on the newest collections and lookbooks, I've been focusing on styles and clothing relevant to the now. And baby doll dresses with clunky boots are relevant to my now.


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