Room Tour

Our snowy weather has been the perfect excuse to stay inside and work on creative projects so I decided to shoot a belated "room tour." I live in an old house so the carpet's a bit blah, the walls need a fresh coat of paint, and pretty much all of my furniture came from a thrift shop, but I don't mean to criticize my space because I still really like my room. Compared to my college dorm rooms it's large, I have windows facing the street in front of our house, and I can't see old carpet stains under the magical aura of my string lights! The color scheme is quite accidental, as pink is one of my least favorite colors but once I started hanging up vintage dresses I that don't wear often I quickly realized there was a pink and red theme to them and I decided to let it be. These are mostly detail shots around the room because parts of it is a mess, but I hope you enjoy the peek into my space.


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