Snow Day

Did you ever notice how your kitchen cabinet seems incredibly well stocked until there's a threat of heavy snow and getting to a store seems difficult--it is as if all of your good food disappears overnight and you're suddenly contemplating several cold days living off of crackers and peanut butter. Still there are those blissful moments of a snow day that make you feel like a kid; like when you first wake up and look outside your window and see your ordinary street transformed into something else and again when you bundle up and wander through the winter wonderland catching snowflakes on your eyelashes…it's all quite magical until your eyeliner starts running and you hurry home damp and sniffling.

Outfit details:
thrifted hat (similar)
ASOS dress (old, similar)
Shop Ruche boots (same)
UO mittens (old)
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (similar)


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