Bees Knees

Bees freak me out a bit. Not the buzzing around my face at a picnic part, I'm actually rather calm through that since the only times I've been stung by a bee were when I was walking outside barefoot and stepped on one. No, I'm more unnerved by all the bizarre bee deaths articles I keep stumbling across. It's not colony collapse disorder per se, since the bees don't just disappear one season, but rather the appearance of hundreds of thousands of dead bee corpses in various cities and towns. Like when 50,000 dead bees wound up in a parking lot in Wilsonville, Oregon. Eventually many of these stories are explained by pesticides, but it's still just so bizarre and troubling--especially when concern for declining bee populations is sparse.
Anyway, the dress is hardly a political/ecological statement, but rather a fun dress I couldn't resist and a decent conversation starter for one of my random interests. I love the quilted look of the dress and it is a slightly warmer dress option for these winter months...

Outfit details:
thrifted belt
Shop Ruche coat (sold out, similar)
vintage Coach purse
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Delightful dress!

    Declines in bee populations are an important concern to have, and the patterns form quite an intriguing mystery. 

  2. Yes! So glad you brought attention to our declining bee population. It's something I'm very concerned about too and it's nice to know other people my age are taking notice!

  3. Such a cute outfit!

    I love bees because organic honey is the best thing on Earth. And, it is so sad that so many people would rather kill them that just leave them be.
    Seriously, bees will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

  4. that dress! oh my gosh, so, so adorable!!

  5. Awesome pics
    Just loved

  6. Bees have always occupied a special place in my heart since my nickname as a child was Leah Bee. I remember being the only kid in my class who remained calm when bees came buzzing, and it made me feel empowered. I'm glad that bees seem to be trending because more of the population needs to be made aware of the crisis that'll be on our hands if too many bees die out. They're fascinating and very helpful creatures.

  7. that dress is gorgeous! i love the structure


  8. That is rather unsettling to hear about so many bee deaths and the decline in their population.
    But I must say your dress looks so lovely, especially with your red coat. Very pretty.

  9. The hubs is so afraid of bees that is usually a joke of ours that I will buy all clothes patterned with bees. I find them fascinating and it's so concerning to read about their massive decrease. Your dress is a pretty specially the texture.

    The cat, you and us

  10. Fantastic dress!! Haven't seen a bee print before, very cute!!


  11. wow, thousands of bee deaths... that's creepy. I have an Australian friend and she was telling about the same thing but with the bats.Hundreds of bats dying on her friends property. Creepy (all related to the crazy heat) and scary as they carry a virus that can infect people.

    I've been looking at this dress for a while I'm not sure of the quilted-ness about it. it's still a nice dress.

    You do look like you are freezing in picture 5 - oh winter pictures!

    ~ K

  12. What a wonderful dress! Bees I don't mind too much. They are pretty prone to sitting in my hair in the summer for some reason. Maybe it's my shampoo. Wasps on the other hand I detest. If you had a wasp dress I would not approve so much. Lovely lovely photos! Have you done a post about how you take your outfit photos before? I'd be really interested in seeing the whole process from finding the location to editing them.

  13. I find it just as bizarre that we expect to make the dramatic changes to our environment without having an impact...not just pesticides but wifi, sprawling metropolises and chemical waste. And you're right that concern seems to be sparse, at least when it comes to prioritizing these issues–it's disturbing that humanity is so unwilling/unable to change even when matters like these become more and more extreme.

  14. @Helena, I've posted a few videos that show my photo-taking process, this is the most recent:
    Locations, are mostly chosen by driving around & thinking "this looks pretty." I mostly stick to public parks though, b/c I don't like to violate no trespassing signs.
    Editing, I've never really posted on because my editing is usually very minimal. Until about a month ago I was only using the free program iPhoto which comes automatically on Macs and I don't know how to photoshop/etc.


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