Janine Niepce

Adding to my list of female photographers to familiarize myself with: Janine Niepce. I first spied her work on Parisiennes: A Celebration of French Women; the book focused on French women as subjects but Janine Niepce was also French herself--a cousin of Nicéphore Niépce, a pioneer in the field of photography. Janine studied at the Sorbonne and while her work is visually very appealing, much of her work was of a more serious nature. She developed films for the French Resistance while studying at the Sorbonne and is considered one of the first photo-journalists in France. Beginning in 1946 she began traveling extensively recording the changes in French culture, before reporting globally from Japan to Cambodia and the US. Through her long and varied career she published over 18 books and her work is astonishing in its artistry and commitment to using photography as a tool for documentation and political change.


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