Frittered Away By Details

I've been looking at the archives and dead websites of vintage bloggers I followed when I first started blogging and it's been inspiring me to dress more ladylike. For accurate 50s vintage channeling it's all about the details: an outfit is co-ordinated from head-to-toe, accessorizing should be focused on brooches and satchel purses rather than an "arm party" or loads of rings, and skirt hems should rarely rise above the knee. Just look at Dita Von Teese--as provocative as she or her outfits usually seem to be, her skirt lengths are downright modest. I usually get a little lost in the details and my brooch collection is woefully limited, but I'm trying to focus on the details when I can.

Outfit details:
thrifted belt
dress ℅ Modcloth (worn as skirt)
Seychelles oxfords (old)
mittens, gift


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