Frittered Away By Details

I've been looking at the archives and dead websites of vintage bloggers I followed when I first started blogging and it's been inspiring me to dress more ladylike. For accurate 50s vintage channeling it's all about the details: an outfit is co-ordinated from head-to-toe, accessorizing should be focused on brooches and satchel purses rather than an "arm party" or loads of rings, and skirt hems should rarely rise above the knee. Just look at Dita Von Teese--as provocative as she or her outfits usually seem to be, her skirt lengths are downright modest. I usually get a little lost in the details and my brooch collection is woefully limited, but I'm trying to focus on the details when I can.

Outfit details:
thrifted belt
dress ℅ Modcloth (worn as skirt)
Seychelles oxfords (old)
mittens, gift



  1. I'm hopefully getting a sewing machine for my birthday and then I'm going to make lot of ladylike skirts. I thinks looking ladylike classic vintage is a lot to do with the shape of the outfit. You are doing details great! Those nails are the coolest.

  2. I have the same dress!! Never thought about wearing it as a skirt with a belt, I felt like sweaters looked too baggy with the full skirt. Love the red coat!

    The cat, you and us

  3. Awesome pics and super cool outfit
    your blog it's very good

  4. i love the sweater paired over the dress! perfect!

  5. Your finger nails! They look so amazing! I must try something like that! And your outfit is very lovely as always. You have such a sweet style(:

  6. This is a great modern take on a vintage look! Everything just works so well together.

    Halfway Heroine

  7. Gaaaah, I already obssesed with your shoes.Really cool!! Perfect outfits and beautiful nails..

  8. Love the shoes - they're such a classic pair, masculine yet feminine in a way (;

    Sigh. It's tempting to buy more clothes/shoes/accessories every time you see great deals/fashion bloggers styling it in an awesome way. How do you manage to not overspend?

  9. @Anonymous, I create a very strict budget for myself--I can spend within the budget every month but I can't go over. I also work on making more money when I want something new; i.e. selling old clothes, or working on something freelance off the blog. :)
    Also, things I wear in this month weren't necessarily purchased this month or even this year--like these shoes, I've had them for at least 4 years now--they're quite old! So, you can look at pieces you want and realize you don't have to acquire them today, but focus on pieces you'll still want to wear several years down the road.

  10. I love your outfit. The skirt and the shoes are pretty.


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