Great Lengths

There's something to be said about knowing what works for you and sticking to it. Normally for me it's a shorter skirt and my all too-familiar silhouette of a fitted top and fuller skirt. When I wear this skirt I nearly always style it the same way (see the last picture of this post). Summer to winter things don't change that much except the scenery and amount of layers I'm required to don. I, naturally, wore a coat on top of this but as my winter posts are coat dominated I briefly shed it for the sake of a few photographs. Also, flats only work when we have a fresh dusting of snow, once everything compacts and melts and re-freezes into an icy mass I stick to boots. It might not always look like it, but I do attempt to dress practically for the weather conditions.

Outfit details:
Gardens of Whimsy headband
vintage cardigan (similar)
slip dress (worn as top)
vintage belt
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (similar)



  1. Lovely! The different colors and textures work beautifully together. I hope to see more and more flower garlands this year!


  2. i have a question that i've literally always wondered about (but only had the good sense to ask now): can/does snow ruin shoes in any way? i see you always wear your pretty pairs in the snow and i worry about them more than i probably should. haha

  3. I love the adorable red flats with the bow, makes walking look so much cuter! And your hair seems to work for you no matter what color :)

  4. That cardigan looks so wonderful against the snowy background.

  5. This is one of my favourite outfits of yours. Also, such a lovely set of pictures with the snow... Still waiting for some snow here so I can finally try out some snow pictures. Am I right in thinking you also have a similar length Modcloth skirt too? Or am I imagining it.

    ~ K

  6. I love the rich colours in this outfit, and the beautiful setting. Lovely!

  7. Are your feet not cold in the snow, though? I always wonder this because you inspire me to wear flats in winter too but I'm afraid they'd have to chop off my feet afterward because they would be frozen solid.

  8. Love the headband! Its just like a Christmas wreath for your head! So pretty!

  9. love that headband!


  10. Lovely. I love those deep reds, just beautiful. And that is such a pretty flower crown - it is the nicest that I've seen.

  11. gorgeous photos so natural and love your that your natural color?

    please feel free to check out my blog
    Happy New Year

  12. @bestie, some shoes are fine when they get wet--the soles of these will be ok but if the snow melted on the fabric part they might go bad. But since it's so cold outside, I can brush the snow off before it melts so the shoes never actually get wet. :)

  13. @~K yeah I have a black Modcloth skirt, not tulle, but the same length :)

  14. @Bivisyani Questibrilia, it really just depends on how long I'm outside. My feet turn really cold when I go on long hikes in the snow in proper boots--they'll turn cold no matter what shoes I wear so when I'm just running errands it doesn't matter what shoes I wear.

  15. Oh my word. You are simply incredible.
    GREAT floral crown, perfect for winter months.
    I must add, I own those flats too, lovee them! :)

  16. It's always fun to see you in a longer length. I think you would look cute in a maxi sundress in the summer that shows off your back tattoos. I don't think I've ever seen you in a maxi length. Just my 2 cents.


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