Style Crush: Julia Sarr-Jamois

Another style inspiration discovery thanks to frequent appearances on street fashion blogs: Julia Sarr-Jamois. She's a fashion editor at Wonderland Magazine and always wears a beautiful mix of neons and neutrals, casual items and more luxe pieces, etc etc. When you view many of her outfits at once you also see the rare repetition of pieces usually unheard of in the fashion world--she repeats heels and scarves and jackets…like a normal person. While that's quite common outside of the world of celebrities and editorials, it's still nice to someone who's part of the industry repeat items because she likes them rather than being afraid of being photographed in the same thing twice. Anyway, her style from her amazing hair down to her eclectic footwear is incredibly inspiring. Need more Sarr-Jamois? She shared her outfits every day of December for Vogue.


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