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My boyfriend Thomas is back in town for another film project (he makes documentaries, if I failed to mention it before) and we've been enjoying the snow around town when he's free; I figured this was an appropriate time to explain how I became involved with this tall Irish man. I met Thomas in the kitchen of my house and my housemates who witnessed the event say it was like watching two magnets or "love at first sight." Neither Thomas nor I are certain we believe in the latter, but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself and should introduce the story chronologically.
Last spring one of my housemates Kate said a few of her friends from Northern Ireland were coming over to Pennsylvania to shoot a documentary. At the time I barely registered the names, but I agreed it wouldn't be any trouble if a couple of them stayed in our spare bedroom for the two weeks of their visit. One day at the end of May I was out shooting pictures when "the Irish" arrived and the house was bustling with people when I returned that evening. My sister had called me while I was parking my car, so I walked into my house on the phone, managed a mildly friendly wave to the crowd in my living room and kitchen and hurried upstairs to my bedroom to conclude my conversation on the phone. After my conversation with my sister wrapped up I headed downstairs to fix myself some dinner and possibly get to know some of our visitors. At this point everyone seemed engaged in conversation and after I fixed myself a plate of food, I sat down at our kitchen counter and waited for a chance to hop into one of the several conversations happening around me.
Anyway, one moment I was eating from my bowl feeling a bit lost in my kitchen and the next, a tall young man was chatting me up. Thomas came across the kitchen, pulled up a stool next to me, and introduced himself. We quickly got to chatting about our interests, traveling, studying abroad, and life in general. Everyone else in the kitchen seemed to disappear (figuratively and then literally as they moved into the living room without us) as we talked. A few hours passed and then the others invited us to watch a movie with them, Thomas accepted and I declined. It wasn't until I was alone in my room later as I started to process our conversation that I realized I was attracted to him. When I was talking to Thomas I was focused on the conversation at hand; my mind was in the moment and I could only reflect on his person and his responses as part of the larger picture of him when I was alone without the distractions of trying to be social.
Thomas was staying a few blocks down from my house, but with the rest of his team staying in our guest bedroom he was often in our living room in the evening recharging his equipment and having a bit of "craic" as they would say. After the first night I started hanging out downstairs in the evenings in hopes of having more conversations with our Irish visitors and even invited myself along to a market day when they weren't filming. A few days and late nights spent up to all hours talking in my living room and Thomas asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes. It felt odd being "in a relationship" with someone I barely knew and knowing that in a few more days it would be a long distance one, but I was already pretty hooked on him. We had a couple of dates around Lancaster before he left and then it was a routine of nightly Skype chats until he could visit again and eventually I visited him. Now it's been nine months since we became a couple and we've only gone a couple a days without talking.
So that is our story--from my side of things anyway...



  1. Cute story! Thomas definitely seems like a quality boyfriend from what you have posted thus far. Which you totally deserve! Cheers to hoping things continue with such amazingness! :o)

  2. You two sound absolutely gorgeous. The way you described your long distance relationship so casually and naturally that you two obviously must be just think and be together in such harmony. I hope you have great days when you really do have moments together.

  3. Gosh, what a sweet story. Thomas seems like a really nice person and you two are so cute together from the pictures I've seen and the stories you've told.

  4. totally swooning over this story. can't stop smiling! ahhh so happy for you lovebirds!

    so can we expect a narration from his side next time? haha. that would be the cutest. :p

  5. Thank you for sharing your lovely story :)

  6. oh man this story made me smile :) thanks for sharing such a sweet tale!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  7. Every Irish person I have met has always been so charming. You two sound like such a cute couple :)

  8. Some bloggers really want to keep their love life private so I was afraid to ask about this exact topic but so glad you opened up and told that incredibly cute story! May you guys be happy together ♥

  9. It was really nice to read about your story with your boyfriend! I was always curious about it :3

  10. I really like the idea that you didn't realize you found him attractive until you had a space afterwards to think about it. It brings up quite a few interesting questions about what triggers attractiveness.

  11. what a cute story!


  12. So happy you shared that! I was wondering for sometime now how you met him, haha.

  13. What a cute love story! :)

    Before I got married to my husband, we were also in the long distance relationship for more than 2 years. It was quite painful as I recall because the distance between S/Korea and England felt so vast while we were apart. We only got to see each other twice a year due to the same reason - every 6,7 months. After the graduation from my Uni, we got married and I moved to England to live with him. Since then, I've been his wife for last 10 years. We've been together for 14 years and our 11th wedding anniversary's coming up in a few months time.
    Gosh, I feel old saying that, haha! ;)

    Anyway, I think there's merits and demerits in a long distance relationship. Obviously, it's hard not to see each other often, but also it helps to prove the strong bond between two people. I still think about those old times how miserable we were while we were apart, and now I feel blessed to be with him every day. :)

    Keep being in love, Rebecca!

    sienna xx

  14. I follow your blog almost from the beginning (i think a year after you started) and as the years passed by, i found it remarkable that you were (and stayed) single (since you are pretty, cute, funny, intelligent, interesting, and so on, don't be creeped out about this!). So i wondered, how this could be, and started thinking about it, and about my own situation (being single for a very long time). You wrote some interesting posts about this subject, which i could relate to.
    I think you have a strong and special personality, and Thomas is a verrrrry lucky guy! I'm so happy you have fallen in love eventually, and have this 'extra layer' in your life, of growing. I wish you two a happy relationship. And thank you so much for sharing this story.

    greetings from a belgian girl


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