Quiet Mouse Of A Girl

I've worn these mittens a lot this winter mostly because I can't find my other warm ones. I have my leather-like red ones with the bows, but they offer very little in terms of keeping my hands warm and I was recently given a cute pair of fingerless mittens but I like more coverage on cold days. Which means most days these furry-faced ones are my only viable option. Good thing they're grey and go with most ensembles…as long as you want to cute-ify your outfit. I'm still debating what sort of animal they're supposed to be: dog? mouse? It's rather like my grey earred hat too, people usually suggest it is a bear or mouse.
The title of today's post comes from one of my favorite descriptions of a character in a novel; I often use it in my bios on the web and I think people usually assume it means I'm a rather mousey perso, but it's not just that. The full quote is "[she was] a quiet mouse of a girl with grey eyes that hold secrets like the sea" and it comes from Madeleine L'Engle's Certain Women. That title is from another quote, this time biblical; Luke 24:22 "and certain women astounded us." I'm sure fellow book addicts like myself will agree there are certain phrases you stumble across that stick to you in a powerful way. I remember reading that line "a quiet mouse of girl" and something inside me saying "yes yes yes." Certain Women isn't my favorite novel by L'Engle but there are lines in that book that are forever branded on my mind and had a profound effect upon me.

Outfit details:
UO hat (old)
boots (similar)
vintage Coach purse
UO mittens (old)



  1. I love the titles you come up with for each blog. They are so right on. And I like your choices of poetry. I often end up looking up the poem you are referencing.

  2. I love everything about your outfit and this post.

  3. Indeed, I feel there are quotes that once one reads them, they stick and make perfect sense. To me it is Byron's opening line on my fave poem, "She walks in beauty like the night" I read it first at 15 and ever since it has stuck by me, and I felt like I could completely relate to it - most people I have mentioned this to say I am too conceited and full of myself, but to me this line means that "she" - like me - is an acquired taste, as is the night walking in beauty - i.e. I see it as the night falling, that walking in beauty. BUt that is my interpretation of the poem, and most people do not see it that way, funny.

  4. Aww: the mittens. Awww: the hat! Awwww: the whole look! So cute! :D

    - Technicolour Dreamer

  5. I LOVE those mittens! Every time I see them, they remind me of Finnegan the dog from Mr. Dressup. :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Dressup

  6. that coat is gorgeous!



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  8. hi Rebecca, i've read your blog since 2010 maybe. And I always love your style.

    You are always sophisticated :)



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