Spooky Little Girl Like You

The pictures seem better suited for October than January (hence the title), but with short days and long nights I'm often getting caught at dusk. Add a hat with some cat ears and a slightly spooky wood and there's something decidedly Halloween-esque despite the actual season. Also, do not worry these were not taken on a day when the windchill was out of control--it wasn't balmy but it was a reasonable to be out and about. My more bundled up looks don't appear on the blog because I'm not really interested in risking frostbite for the sake of pictures. Thankfully it is warming up and yesterday I went to an open mic downtown (as a listener, not a performer) and it was so good to be out, hearing live music, hanging with friends, and not worrying about the weather...

Outfit details:
cat ear fascinator
Zara coat (similar)
H&M cardigan (old)



  1. I love the hat, and those buttons, and I also love the song you referenced in the title! It's one of my mom's favorites & I love it too.

  2. you look absolutely adorable! & that fascinator is just delicate :)
    and picture like this make me forget about how much i miss the sun ;)
    xx Corinne

  3. i LOVE this outfit. especially the cat ears! weeeoooo miss, you look lovely.

  4. so pretty! i daore this blog :))

  5. Soooo cute!! :)
    You're so adorable that I sometimes I wish I had a little girl like you. haha ;)

    now that I've seen the movie review above, I've got to say, I have always thought that something about you (esp,when you had very short hair) reminds me of Carey Mulligan. I really like her as an actress and I think she looks so sweet just like you.

    Have a lovely weekend, Rebecca!

    sienna xxx


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