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There's this polka dot dress in The Shop Around The Corner that Klara (Margaret Sullavan) loves and wants to wear on her first date, but Alfred Kralik (Jimmy Stewart) says reminds him of a circus clown. She wears the dress anyway. This reminds me of that dress. Of course, my print is actually a small apple print…Around the corner from these pictures a group of young men were teaching themselves to parkour on the playground set; hopefully they didn't injure themselves.



  1. This dress goes so nice with your hair. You look like a doll ;) Colours are lovely and warm...very fallish and cute :)

  2. Hi Rebecca

    Hope you had a great Christmas and New Years as well. I have noticed that you are wearing saddle oxfords often or something like oxfords (in the above picture). Have you ever went to Catholic School and is that why it seems you have a nostalgia for them. Or is it because you are somewhat inspired from fashion from the 1940s and 50s. I am very surprised you do not have keds in your wardrobe.

  3. @Anonymous, I did actually attend a Catholic school for one year but our uniform there didn't involve saddle shoes--I wore converse when I attended that school. It is my preference for vintage fashions that influences me towards saddle shoes and the style above. I had a pair of keds a couple of years ago, but I just find them too casual for most of the outfits I like to wear.

  4. so funny you mentioned that bit about the movie as i found it quite hilarious! (: and really, i'm just happy i can relate to the reference, since i literally just watched it during the holidays (i know, where have i been?).

    anyway i love how happy you look in these photos--almost giggly, really. i imagine shoots with jon get quite fun haha

  5. gorgeous! that dress is so adorable, love the print.

  6. Beautiful dress! And somehow I've never seen that movie! I'll have to add it to my list ;)

  7. @Two Happy Hearts, you are going to love it. Fantastic movie. "You've Got Mail" is based off of it actually. :)

  8. Nice outfits, Rebecca!
    It's so inspiring me to wear my own dress with thights and vintage shoes.
    Thank you for sharing :)


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