Style Crush: Niotillfem

A number of style blogs that I was reading before I started blogging (back in 2007) are now gone--many of my favorites left the web for one reason or another and frankly, none of them have been replaced. One blogger who has faithfully posted before me and still continues to update is Sandra of Niotillfem. She changes platforms every once in awhile and moves it seems almost constantly, shifting between her homeland of Sweden for the dreamy city of Paris and even a year or two in New York in between and her occupation has changed from copywriter to author, but her style and her posts are constant through all the changes. My favorite looks were her more 50s vintage-inspired pieces which she wore around 2008, I remember in an interview she stated her ideal style was to look like a character from a 60s french musical like Umbrellas of Cherbourg; today her style is more 90s influenced, but I'm still hooked on her blunt blonde bob, penchant for stripes and cool layers.


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