Though The Frost Was Cruel

While we haven't been having "frost quakes" here, this is what it looks like in some areas. Anyway, I'm off to go walk in the winter wonderland since it snowed again last night while I was sleeping. Everything outside of my window is blanketed in a pristine, white sheet making the city streets look peaceful and clean. Let's just hope no one throws a snowball in my face.

Outfit details:
UO hat (old)
Good Night Day scarf
H+M cardigan
Modcloth dress (sold out, similar)
Seychelles boots (similar)
*pictures by Jon



  1. The picture with the berries and the moon in really lovely, as is your hat!

  2. The addition of the lantern makes this shoot an absolute fairy tale.

  3. I was thinking about the same thing :) You look like from a fairy tale or an old children's movie. Adorable :)

  4. Oh you look all snug and cosy in that hat. Looks like your have stepped into Narnia. Lovely photos! I've posted a quick sketch of one of your outfits on a blog, hope that's alright with you!

  5. Your hat is adorable! Gorgeous photos x

  6. I love these photos, that lantern is so cool!


  7. this reminds me so much of a children's story. you are simply adorable.

  8. Since I can't comment on your Rebecca Green post, thought I'd let you know here. I had an interview with her last month. You can hop on over here to see the interview:

  9. So incredibly dreamy. I can't help but think of Narnia...

  10. I've been a follower of your blog for a long time but I never had the guts to leave a comment. I really enjoy your blog and this pictorial really blew me off my chair! Here I am, complaining about the Canadian winter and all the snow while you turn this cold upside down and into a beautiful photoshoot that warms my heart : 3 I love it!

  11. That lantern just absolutely makes these photos! What an awesome touch. It makes me think so much of Narnia. I bet you had a lot of fun with these.

  12. that hat is too cute!



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